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Action Directe

Home care for the elderly


Action Directe's website presents a straightforward, user-friendly interface designed to communicate the organization's mission and activities efficiently. The color scheme is modest yet appealing, using contrasts effectively to draw attention to key areas without distracting from the content. The site's structure is well-organized, with clearly labeled sections and intuitive navigation that ensures visitors, whether potential customers or job seekers, can easily find information they are looking for and contact the right department for further assistance.

Direct Call to Action

A prominent call-to-action (CTA) at the very top of the page, designed to immediately catch the visitor's eye. This CTA invites clients to call Action Directe, facilitating swift and easy contact to get the assistance they need. This placement ensures that the contact information is one of the first things a visitor sees, significantly increasing the likelihood of engagement and achieving the client's main business objective of generating calls.

Efficient Job Application Submission

In the development of the website, one key feature I designed was the 'Join the Team' form, aimed at streamlining the recruitment process. The form is equipped with a PDF file upload capability, allowing prospective team members to easily attach their resumes or other necessary documents directly within the form. This integration not only simplifies the application process but also speeds up the review period by ensuring all required materials are submitted in one go.

User-Friendly Contact Us Form

The form is strategically positioned and crafted to be intuitive, allowing visitors to quickly reach out with questions, requests, or feedback. It includes fields tailored to gather essential information, ensuring that the client receives a comprehensive understanding of the inquiry or issue at hand. This customizatiom enhances the overall user experience by making interactions as straightforward and efficient as possible, encouraging visitors to engage with the client without hesitation.

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